Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

a little bit of music and fashion

   Lately i really feel that everyday is so exhausting. umm... Technically, i am jobless, yeah i am in the middle of longggggg holidayy, at least until next 2 months until new chapter of my life. Now i'm not a student nor an employee. I will be enrolling in master program for September 2011 intake. That's why i am so exhausted now. I started to learn Italian this month, it's been almost 3 weeks now. I took an intensive class from Monday - Friday at Instituto Italiano di Cultura, and it is in Menteng which force me to spend about 6 hours everyday, 3 hours for the round trip from my house to IIC ( thanks to "macet" in this goddamn Jakarta) and 3 hours for the lesson. I was planning to take France course in CCF.. however, i guess i will postpone my plan for a while due to to some reasons.

      Firstly, i went to Singapore International Guitar Competition (SIGC 2011) on the day i supposed to join my first France lesson, which i think would leave me clueless if i already skipped 4 hours lesson for the first 3 days, plus i still struggling with Italian, the homework and so on plus catch up with some lesson that i missed when i went to Singapore. Arghh... i really wish that Doraemon magic door exists, so i could both learn the lesson and compete plus watching the finale. Too bad, i have to go back earlier so i can't watch the finalist compete. :(

About the competition, i feel lucky i can join even though i don't make it until semifinal. There are a lot of "guitar monster" from all over the world joined in this year, i saw some of them in youtube. never thought i will meet them eye on eye. So here is the winner:

1.  The first prize goes to Mu Huai Chong, a prodigy from China, he's only 15 years old! (the boy who grab 2 guitars in the middle)

2. Second prize goes to Marko Topchii, an awsome guy from Ukraine, very technical and musical man..

3.Third prize goes to Monching Carpio, a guitarist from Philipine who also won some international competitions too..

i would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the winner.. :)

BTW, i have a strong feeling that i might like Italia, but seriously, what's the point of putting a gender to every noun in the world? in this modern age, femminile and maschile are driving me mad! it's very exhausting plus i have been sick this whole week! i have fever because of some infection, feels like hell.

anyway, let's forget it for a second.. this is weekend..let's chill...
guys.. i dunno why, i always into ragged and messy things.. something with torn and tattered detail on it and.. the second after i saw this ELLIE LAVELLE for spring 2011, i fell in love with this tank top! yeah i know spring is over, but who cares? that's the beauty of living in Indonesia..LOL

I loveeeeee this tattered top soo muchhhh... plus the model, Raina Hein, the runner up of ANTM cycle 14 has successfully sell this clothes.. i love this girl, i really think she should has won that competition rather than the winner.

so that's it... my first post after a while.. will keep posting ASAP... happy weekend guys..


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egomaniac mengatakan...

wowwwww... I didn't know you were going.. it must be great, wasn't it?! WOW!

btw, good luck for the Italian lessons! I might learn from you later.. ;)

Cuinn mengatakan...

haha.. it was nice.. it's really brought me a new insight of worldclass music..